Pilates is a system of physical and mental conditioning that promotes the development of core strength, flexibility and alignment. It was developed in the mid 1920s by Joseph H. Pilates – a visionary and “genius of the body”. It embraces six principles: control, concentration, body alignment, precision, correct breathing, and flowing movement. Today Pilates’ method has been adapted by millions of people of all ages and body types, who by strengthening even the small and more refined muscles enjoy the improvements in posture, balance, stamina and body tone. Pilates one to one sessions are beneficial for everyone including elders and pregnant women.

Barre au sol is based on ballet exercises that are performed in lying or sitting positions. The body moves through patterns common in ballet but free from the affects of gravity. It is designed to strengthen and stretch the body, while increasing its flexibility. It increases the mobility of joints and the range of movement. Barre au sol involves also elements of yoga and contemporary dance based on Martha Graham’s technique. Floor exercises enable to activate and lengthen muscles.


Pilates home sessions
Individual session (1 person., 60 mins) 200zł
Duet session (2 persons., 60 mins) 125zł / person
Pilates studio sessions (Mokotów)
Individual session (1 person, 60 mins) 150zł
Duet session (2 persons., 60mins) 100zł / person

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