Barbara Piela – pilates instructor certified by Body Arts & Science International, teacher of the floor barre technique at Warsaw Ballet School’s studio, guest teacher at the Lublin Ballet Trust, graduate of the Instutute of Applied Linguistics at Warsaw University.

My road to Joseph Pilates' method began with classical dance. During 9 years of ballet training I became familiar with barre au sol - a supportive technique for ballet dancers. My first encounter with barre au sol made a great impression on me. Dominika Krysztoforska (a National Ballet soloist) who conducted the workshops, showed me a totally new approach to training. This approach is often called the Mind and Body Workout, where excercises are performed to the rhythm of a person’s breath rather than music. Since then I have become a great enthusiast of this approach.

I didn’t know what real pilates is, until I started training with Basia. She is very detail-oriented and gives a lot of attention to my individual needs. I look forward to each and every class, which is an intensive full-body workout.

Katarzyna Kwarecka-Zając
Specialist of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine

My education of barre au sol evolved under the supervision of various dancers until 2006 when Anna Grabka-Szpilman (a teacher at the Swedish Royal Ballet) introduced me to Pilates for the first time. Pilates has captivated me with its elegance, its focus on the precision of movements and the way it brings harmony to one's body and soul. At the same time, it has a great healing impact on the spine and joints making it a great exercise for anyone regardless of age or level of experience. Pilates has become an integral part of barre au sol classes I conduct at the Warsaw Ballet School studio.

Over the last few years years I have expanded my knowledge and understanding of both training methods. In 2013 I graduated from the Pilates Mat Teacher Training at the Body Arts & Science International in Paris.